Ahbub Mahboubi

New Single - Joy & Mischief


Buy or stream our new single Joy & Mischief on all good streaming or buying websites.


From thre forthcoming album, Joy & Mischief is a political and spiritual cry for leadership.


"A man who stands for something who impassions and envisions,
Whose stories tell and break the spell of cultural double vision

Who'll dance and play and make the case for love and true compassion

Joy and mischief in his eyes like it's gone out of fashion..."

New Single - Disobey


Buy or stream our new single Disobey on all good music buying or streaming websites.


From the forthcoming album, Disobey is an acoustic protest song for the 21st Century.


"It's ok to disobey

You don't have to do what they say,

Just use your heart and mind to rise above,

So come with me we'll sail the seas

Of freedom ideologies,

And everything we do, we'll do with love."

Since 2012 Ahbub Mahboubi have been one of Bristol's premier faux-ethnic shonksters and revolutionary party bands. Like a 21st Century Moses decending Mount Sinai, Ahbub Mahboubi bring a message of hope in these unstable times, a message of the Dandelion Nation of Hope and Liberty.

The Tao of Ahbub


Our 2014 album The Tao of Ahbub is available to download or stream, but also available on CD and vinyl. Available to buy on vinyl from Bandcamp or from Friendly Records record shop in Bedminster, Bristol


Exploring themes of identity and isolation, silence and reconnection, Tao is a rewarding listen on many levels. Also kazoo solos.

Ahbub Mahboubi is:

Drew Lorenzo - guitar, vocals, songwriting

Gazoubi Maroubi - guitar, ukulele, kazoo, studio engineering magic

Leroy Owen - Double Bass, deep bass backing vocals

Joh-El Mines - Drums, faux-ethnic percussion

Hannah Boxall - Sometime trumpeter, world-traveller.






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